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Enjoy feature-filled living with all the latest in eco conscious building materials and technology such as geothermal heating and cooling that will save both the planet and your budget. It IS easy being green when you live at Jubilee. 


Geothermal is Energy Efficient, Low Maintenance & Emission-Free!


Jubilee’s Geothermal Heat Pump System will not only keep you warm and cozy in the winter, and cool and comfortable in the summer, it can also save in energy costs. Geothermal uses less electricity, releases NO greenhouse emissions and there are NO price fluctuations.  


It’s so efficient; you could save 30 – 60% on heating and 25- 50% on cooling! 


Geothermal systems use the constant temperature of the earth to heat in winter and cool in summer. Water circulated through pipes installed in the ground absorbs heat, which is extracted by heat pumps in the home then circulated through the home as warm air. In summer, heat is extracted from the air in the home and returned to the ground. 


• Ancient cultures used geothermal.

• The first geothermal power plant, built in 1904 in Larderello, Italy is still producing today.

• Large-scale geothermal plants have been operating in the US for over 60 years.

• In Sweden & Switzerland over 75% of new homes use geothermal!


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